from Sangan River House

photo by erica blair

Across the river, children
are eating snow, their lips
the colour of tiny kingfishers
in the numbing cold. The delight
they take in the melting of each
snowflake on their tongues reminds me:
joy is there, in everything, and even
when we canít see it.

A moment ago I heard
a raven speak: feed me,
stay away, come over here,
pay attention! Imagine! Up
until that moment the ravens
and I had not been
on speaking terms.

The moon-coloured stones
you piled high above the tide line -
in the morning they are still there!
Even the river stealing past
in the darkest night becomes another way
for grace to slip throughÖ

Susan Musgrave will be the Guest Reader for ascentís 3rd annual Text Quest Writing Contest. A celebrated poet, writer and editor, Susan has published 20 books in a wide variety of genres including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and childrenís literature. She has received a National Magazine Award and has been four times short listed for the Governor Generalís Award. Susan travels widely, both abroad and in Canada, to give speeches, writing workshops and poetry readings. Sangan River House is a series of poetic meditations Susan has been writing from her home on Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands.

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