Cloud Over Onions & even less recipes

more recipe poems

illustrations by jillian tamaki,

Cloud Over Onions
1 onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tsp honey
a pinch nutmeg

Saute onions in canola oil. Add remaining ingredients (the "cloud"); stir for 3 minutes. Serve with fresh-cooked rice.

Inventors Salad
Carve radishes into the shape of a telephone, a lightbulb, a radio, a surfboard, etc. Add to:
1/3 head bib lettuce
1 carrot, sliced

1 Tbs rice syrup
2 Tbs vinegar
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbs tahini

Chocolate Ice
Cover ice cubes with chocolate syrup. Place in freezer. Serve the cubes in a glass of milk (or just lick them).

I received this recipe from Marjorie Fenner. "This will wholly amuse a five-year old," she promises.

Carve a turnip into the shape of a fish. Place in a pot of boiling water. Watch the turnip-fish "swim" in the water. After 20 minutes, remove. Add butter and salt. Serve.

Frozen Raisin Party Clusters
Freeze 80 raisins. Cover with strawberry preserves. Sprinkle with nonfat dry milk powder. Press into oblong shapes.

La chanson
Mon problème quand je vais en Californie est que tout le temps que je suis là, je chante "Il ne pleut jamais en Californie au Sud" – une chanson que je n'aime pas. C'est une dépendance de mon esprit.

Il ne pleut jamais en Californie;
Les filles toujours on avertissent . . .

Albert Hammond a chanté cette chanson en 1972.

La radio et moi
La radio et moi
font la vaisselle

The Radio and I
The radio and I
do the dishes

Poème politique
Le premier amendement
me donne la liberté
d'écrire ce poème

Political Poem
The First Amendment
gives me the freedom
to write this bad
poem. Les anglais
Les anglais préfèrent
l'art mauvais

parce qu'il se conform
à leur décor mauvais.

The English
The English prefer
bad art

because it fits in
with their bad decor.

La lune
La lune
est au-dessus
de Greenwich, Connecticut.

13:02 le 5 août, 2005

The Moon
The moon
is above
Greenwich, Connecticut.

1:02 PM August 5, 2005

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