what here sounds like

the sound of the space around ascent contributors, around the globe

Inspired by the work of installation artist Janet Cardiff...

Sometimes mindfullness is simply found in experiencing someone else's reality. With that in mind, we asked various ascent contributors from around the globe to record two minutes of audio from their lives for us to share with you.

What follows is audio from London (recorded by Shandi Miller), Laos (recorded by Nikko Snyder), New York (recorded by Kyle Fogden), Kootenay Bay (recorded by Sarah E. Truman), and Rotterdam (recorded by Yvette Poorter). We thank these contributors for sharing the sound of their lives with us.

Interested in submitting two minutes of audio from your own life? Send an email requesting information to online@ascentmagazine.com.

Let us know what you think of "What Here Sounds Like"!

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