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a brief history of ascent magazine

Published in Montreal, ascent was an independent, not-for-profit magazine of yoga and engaged spirituality from 1999-2009.

ascent has crafted a Yoga magazine unlike any other. An award-winning resource for those living a spiritually, socially and creatively engaged life in today's world, ascent mixes inquiry and discovery in one beautiful package. All-original photography and illustration create a superb counterpoint to intelligent articles on social action, self-reflection, and the real-life connections between diverse spiritual traditions.

ascent translates the philosophy of yoga into practical realities by exploring the intersection of spirituality with social and political issues, art, culture and contemporary thought. Each issue offers features, profiles, and columns that take Yoga out of the studio and into the world, exploring creativity and the integrity of individual paths toward personal growth.

Inspired by the work of Swami Radha and published by timeless books, ascent began in 1969 as a newsletter, and then a small journal, based out of Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia, Canada. It was launched as an international magazine in spring 1999 and quickly became a valued and respected resource in the yoga community. 

ascent has won several awards for its editorial and design, including the 2005 Utne Independent Press Award for Excellence in Spiritual Coverage.

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