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39. work & service
fall 2008

what is the work that bridges heaven & earth?; geeta iyengar, roshi joan halifax, & margaret wheatley; 3 influential voices on the place of karma yoga.

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38. sustainability
summer 2008

can we sustain hope & possibility?; joanna macy transforms despair into joyful rebellion; urban artists re-imagine the spirit of place; derrick jensen asks, what are you willng to do?

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37. yoga’s inner language
spring 2008

yoga's inner language; can metaphor deepen our practice?; the sublime qur'an; a poet & linguist enconters an ecosystem of stories; a treasure hunt through india's ashram libraries.

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36. the elements
fall 2007

yoga teachers serve their communities; matthieu ricard on metaphor, pure vision & happiness; the human right to water, a global activist thirts for justice; plus: a roadtrip through the elements and could you live in a zero waste home?

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35. gender & sexuality
spring 2007

how a former nun is revisioning sexuality & inspiring social change; mark whitwell on the intimacy of hatha yoga; does spiritual life require celibacy? noah Levine wrestles with desire, redefining beauty with siva & sakti...

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34. vision
summer 2007

patricia walden, john friend, sharon gannon contemplate the essence of yoga; alice walker inner light in a time of darkness; a peek into sparrow’s dream diary; 3 visionaries: new ways of seeing & the winners of our writing contest

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33. the world
spring 2007

karen armstrong return to compassion; the dalai lama creating a place for peace; HIV/AIDS activism the healing balance of hatha yoga; plus: sourcing food within 100 miles of home, hermit poets face the world, a lesson from the skunks...

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32. bliss
winter 2006

contentment in life & laundry; rumi’s divine intoxication; gross national happiness; bliss in a bookshop, selfless service as drug rehabilitation, ascent’s first children’s story, poetry by susan musgrave, mantra vibration transformation…

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31. teacher/student
fall 2006

awareness, balance & compassion: the new ABCs in public schools; desikachars tkv & kausthub explore yoga’s unexpected inheritance; carol lee flinders is looking for modern-day visionaries; teaching to learn/learning to teach...

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30. space
summer 2006

apollo 14 astronaut returns with evidence; sister elaine macinnes smuggles hope into prisons; janet cardiff seeks talented viewer; dancing for god, the yoga of living in your car, the winners of ascent’s 2nd annual writing contest

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29. power
spring 2006

be your own superhero!; burning water: deepa mehta challenges tradition with her acclaimed film; david suzuki & the 10 ways you can change the world; alice coltrane on jazz, god & meditation; balancing business & buddhism in china...

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28. food
winter 2005

the politics of food vandana shiva on GMOs, the gita & the farmer next door; lessons from krishna the butter thief; roshi bernie glassman on activism, zen & cakes; can beer be holy? taste desire & the second chakra...

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27. knowledge
fall 2005

an engineer turned activist brings light to people off the grid; exhuming the wisdom of beauty, aging & death; the secret teachings of film & faith; distributing sacred texts to tibetans in exhile; finding meaning from a note found in a puddle...

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26. yoga & culture
summer 2005

tradition transition translation how eastern spiritual practices are working in the west; lights, filmmaker velcrow ripper is scared in bosnia, hiroshima & new york…; an acclaimed poet-priest talks god & broken hearts over fried eggs...

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25. family
spring 2005

kausthub desikachar on three generations of yoga; spiritual life & family, can they co-exist?; tabla master zakir hussain on shakti, tradition & evolution; turning the world upside down in the headstand, & can we inherit faith?

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24. healing
winter 2004

an ashtanga teacher & her community transform tragedy; 6 ingredients of love bell hooks links healing with political resistance; can art heal? caregiving as yoga & art; plus: self-esteem & body politics, kali the master surgeon...

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23. liberation
fall 2004

personal political everyday yoga reflections on diversity in yoga culture; what use is fame & fortune to an 86-year-old yogi?; embracing blemishes on the path to liberation; the wizard of om, overcoming negative self-esteem & a letter from laos

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22. travel
summer 2004

do urban environments alienate us from our practice?;yann martel on life after life of pi; bosnia: is history a bad teacher or are we bad pupils?; a pilgrimage of faith, family & filmmaking...

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21. the next generation
spring 2004

where is yoga now? ; punk, buddhism & the rebellion of waking up; keeping faith alive fighting for human rights in uzbekistan; plus: the little bridge pose, my so-called practice & yoga for youth on the margins

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20. renunciation
winter 2003

does renunciation have a place in modern life?; let go in the corpse pose; can we take the risk to live simply?; facing the ego with yoga; plus: china's bodhisattva of compassion, the bhagavad gita & reflections on the elusive lotus

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19. myth & storytelling
fall 2003

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18. women in spiritual life
summer 2003

discovering a spiritual practice in motherhood; sexual ethics and yoga where do you stand?; the shoulder stand learn to support yourself; what is the new feminine tradition in zen?

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17. hatha yoga
spring 2003

activism, devotion & the politics of hot yoga; what is the hidden language of hatha yoga?; esther myers remembers vanda scarvelli; richard rosen on pranayama

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16. social action
winter 2002

letter from india: yoga & HIV; gary snyder's revolutionary poetry; take aim in dhanurasana; vandana shiva seeds of inspiration; plus the latest from soren gordhamer, tenzin palmo, reverend ruth wright & bo lozoff

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15. east/west
fall 2002

global imagination: pico iyer; practice or consume: the paradox of selling yoga; can spirit & business work together?; paschimottanasana intense stretch to the west; thomas merton's eastern leanings; musical travels with the kronos quartet

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14. sound
summer 2002

what makes sound sacred?; letter from china searching for kuanyin; jane siberry's musical devotion; the roar of simhasana; zen beyond silence; sri karunamayee a divine life in sound

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13. life, death & rebirth
spring 2002

lata pada's dance of renewal; joan halifax compassion in action; preparing for life & death in <i>savasana</i>; living with cancer: a yogi's diary; a sacred text; the cobra pose; dying to be more; physics & the mystery of life

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12. science
winter 2001

do our brains contain the secret of faith?; yoga chemistry with geeta iyengar; is yoga a science?; the refuge ofkurmasana; fritjof capra & the tao of ecology

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11. community
fall 2001

bo lozoff life in spiritual community; yoga in the city; householder yogi; extending beyond trikonasana

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10. bhakti, the yoga of devotion
summer 2001

can hatha yoga be devotional?; krishna das plays the music of love; divine mother's wave of bliss; to the heart of jivamukti's sharon gannon

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9. environment
spring 2001

arundhati roy saving the narmada river; satish kumar a simple genius; brian harria the storyteller; plus reflections by david suzuki, yoga in the yukon, nature's mandala and tenzin palmo on mind & the environment

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8. the arts
winter 2000

natalie goldberg; derek shapton; shyamali hauth; ray brooks; khandro dechen; suzin green; ann beam

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7. the kundalini issue
fall 2000

kundalini, the most mysterious and misunderstood power in the universe... so, what is it anyway?; a shakti shift; padmasana: finding lotus mind; the scoop on gopi krishna; plus john white, cristina sitja, yogi tea and the remarkable mishras

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6. the mind issue
summer 2000

the yoga of pure consciousness; a calm mind: richard rosen on the yoga sutras; gabrielle roth's dancing path; the outer space of the mind; plus hardeep dhaliwal, albert low and jakuso kwong

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5. what is karma yoga?
spring 2000

what is karma yoga? 3 yogis on liberation, karma and service; tarthang tulku working for the dharma; tom berger: yogi incognito; unwind with yoga at work; downtown with reverend ruth wright, yogic time and unsung heroines

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4. spiritual leadership
winter 1999

tenzin palmo and the building of a buddhist nunnery; lover and beloved what is the way of zen? swami radha on leadership; plus bks iyengar, hardeep dhaliwal, yogi bhajan, and the results from our leadership survey

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3. body as a spiritual tool
fall 1999

your perception is your reality and your health; growing up;youth, age and hatha yoga; the yoga of secret symbols and metaphors; the cosmic serpent; an excerpt and interview

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2. the divine feminine
summer 1999

dj divine mother; tara & the supernova; female bodhisattva; quilting the goddess; the power of reflection; handmaidens of divine mother

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1. light
spring 1999

the yoga of light; what is the divine light invocation?; physics and yoga; illuminating hatha; can you listen to a woman?; dispelling illusions; a pilgrimage to india...

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