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Eileen Delehanty Pearkes records the story of Mary-Jo Fetterly, her recently paralyzed yoga teacher, & observes how a woman & a community heal.

ingredients of love
Author & cultural critic bell hooks has devoted her life to discovering the true nature of love. She speaks to juniper glass about linking healing with political resistance.

linda montano is living art
Victoria Stanton profiles performance artist & yogi Linda Montano’s latest art project: documenting the 24/7 care of her aging father.

what’s in a name
Can sound & music promote wellness? Go to a kirtan concert & find out. By Shara Claire.

triangles of health
web exclusive! Charles-Antoine Rouyer on urban health.

from the archives: swami radha
what is it that heals?

from the desk of swami radhananda
the ripple effect

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the mountain : tadasana

kuanyin's kitchen

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