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petites mains
Juniper Glass explores the interconnection between culture, work & Hatha Yoga.

lighting up the world
Social activist & engineer Dr. David Irvine-Halliday brings light & hope to people & places off the grid.

Exhuming the wisdom of beauty, aging & death. Pamela Steinbach contemplates a cadaver.

relative wisdom
In the harsh reality of a war zone, human rights activist Sikeena Karmali discovers the shifting nature of morality & values.

inserting meaning
web exclusive! More writing based on a note from FOUND magazine.

tales from the vase
web exclusive: boy priest slide show

foot prints
an interview with independent filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée who has a positive take on the future of film, faith & even Hollywood

from the archives: swami radha
knowing vs. believing

from the desk of swami radhananda
getting to know

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the warrior 2 : virabhadrasana 2

kuanyin's kitchen
pad thai

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light up the world
light up the world slide show

en français
12 asanas in their original Sanskrit and french translations.

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