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the politics of convenience
Vandana Shiva fights for basic rights: vegetables, seed & access to whole foods

catherine macpherson researches the roots of chocolate & finds out what all the fuss is about

feeding the hungry ghosts
roshi Bernie Glassman on the disenfranchised, Zen Buddhism, & making cakes for the White House

don't talk with my mouth full
a meditation on paying attention & giving up control

stealing butter
over toast & butter, swami gopalananda reflects on the hidden agenda of his not-so-innocent namesake

Of monks, malts & montréal
can making beer and cheese be holy? Trappist monks think so.

kite soup & minus 54 other recipes
poetry & food, recipes & not, sparrow makes sense of it all

substantiating the transient nature of miracles

tales from the vase
web exclusive: boy priest slide show

from the archives: swami radha
developing a taste for the Divine

from the desk of swami radhananda
a lesson from bees

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the lotus : padmasana

kuanyin's kitchen
vegan holiday feast

books & music

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transubstantiation: illustrations by joe ollmann

Cloud Over Onions & even less recipes
Cloud Over Onions & even less recipes

Reflections on Hungry Ghosts
Charles Chalmers examines the restless, voracious hungry ghosts

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