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from the print magazine...

not broken
what do catholicism, zen, yoga & prisons have in common? a profile of Sister Elaine MacInnes

letter from india: dancing for the divine
a meeting with one of the last living devadasi dancers

learning to park
breakdancer/yogi owen robertson transforms his vw rabbit into a hermit’s refuge in the middle of the city

samadhi in space
an interview with apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell

historical fiction: the theft of old man buffalo stone
an excerpt from a novel in progress

creating worlds
installation artist Janet Cardiff destabilizes vision, sculpts sound & redefines reality

one long separation
a mother & daughter road trip across Canada

my space, your space, everyone’s space
web exclusive! the runners up from our 2nd annual writing contest

walking on graves
making space for art, contemplation & grieving in a modern cemetery

the kubota-sattva
ascent's editor sarah e. truman discusses moving moss & moving mountains

from the desk of swami radhananda
sky-like mind

from the archives: swami radha
opening up sacred texts

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the child : balasana

kuanyin's kitchen
cucumber salad & nut (un)sushi wraps

books & music

web exclusives...

Getting Green in the Big Apple

New York writer Andrea Rollefson, attends the gala for Jivamukti Yoga's new green studio, and stays grounded among the stars.

Gardens Above Gridlock

Writer Anne Read, seeks to plant a rooftop garden, and finds a community growing all around her.

Urban Exploration

the yoga of going where you're not supposed to, the zen of infiltration…

the barn

yasodhara ashram converts its old cow barn into a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient dormatory

what here sounds like
the sound of the space around ascent contributors, from around the globe

the fires that burn
an excerpt from the film on the life and work of Sister Elaine MacInnes

the yoga of breakin'
owen robertson explains the yoga of breakin' ol' skool

karma yoga & moss gardening
a slide show of the editor's moss garden in its new home

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