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still life landscapes
Darren Bifford reflects on the ritual of routine & how routine becomes ritual.

unconscious wisdom
Creative spelling, a defense of the planet pluto & a history of pockets.† Sparrow documents his visions and dreams.

visions of yoga: a work in progress
Traci M. Childress seeks the wisdom of twelve contemporary yoga visionaries as she investigates the essence of yoga.

ways of seeing
Profiles of three visionaries who are paving a path toward a better future: Anuradha Mittal, Amy Goodman & Zacharias Kunuk.

what here looks like
The winners of our 3rd annual writing contest! Susan Musgrave tells us why.

weeding the mind
In the underbelly of the garden, Eileen Delehanty Pearkes examines sauca: inner and outer cleanliness.

the inner light of alice walker
The pulitzer prize-winning author & essayist discusses trust, wonder & her vision for the future.

from the desk of swami radhananda
a space for peace

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the eagle : garudasana

from the archives: swami radha
without shape or form

kuanyin's kitchen
sweet íní sour summer salad with aubergine caviar

books & music

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now i see

the continued adventures of photographer Robert Semeniuk

what here looks like

the honourable mentions from ascent's 2007 writing contest

yoga: a work in progress

exclusive interviews with yoga's leading luminaries, who share their personal take on yoga in the west

seeing new ways

three visionaries use their passion and expertise to expand knowledge around the world

standing in stillness

words & images from Darren Biffordís zen poems

a reason to hope

the winner of ascent's writing contest, Joanne Lowe, reports from the Yoga-thon for Schizophrenia

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