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predator & prey
Eileen Delehanty Pearkes explores honour, cycles of life & ahimsa and asks: Can a meat-eating human practise non-violence?

the complexities of hope
Nikko Snyder imagines a conversation with Derrick Jensen on the space betwixt & beyond hope & despair.

It’s already happening, says eco-Buddhist philosopher Joanna Macy. In an interview with John Malkin, she invites us to fall in love with the world.

eating light
A special food section: ascent offers three “recipes” to inspire action.

drawing in the mountains
An architect attempts to preserve the spirit of rural Pakistan in the face of globalization. Sarwat Viqar’s meditation on place & progress.

being present in the future
Congratulations to Carey Rudisill, the winner of ascent’s 4th annual writing contest! With commentary by essayist & activist Michael McColly.

Yoga teacher Monica Voss reveals the potential of yoga for healing chronic illness.

life’s engine, green leaves
Nature meets the city grid in Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works, where a social entrepreneur & an artist re-imagine a landscape of possibility. By Vanessa Reid.

tale from the vase
boy priest in "what goes around"

from the desk of swami radhananda
living on a prayer

hidden language hatha yoga: swami lalitananda
the triangle : trikonasana

from the archives: swami radha
body as garden

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survival of the fit

Web conference with Derrick Jensen

touch the earth!

A radio interview and a practice from Joanna Macy to take heart and transform despair

inner light

View a slide show of  Michael Reichmann's photographs from a series called Brickworks

laying down

Artist Sarah Ciurysek lies down in the fields of northern Alberta.

being present in the future

Congratulations to Zane Parker and Tania Love, the runners up for ascent’s writing contest!

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