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exclusive interviews with yoga's leading luminaries about the essence, history and future of yoga in the west.

In her examination of the essence of yoga and its history and practice in north america, Traci M. Childress interviewed twelve teachers whose thoughts about and approaches to yoga are renowned throughout the world. She asked them the following questions:

What is the essence of yoga as you see or experience it?
Is this essence being diluted, expanded or evolved in the west?
How does this essence connect to the history or original visions of yoga?
What do you envision for the future of yoga?

Here, we share with you the best of these conversations. Click on the following names to read excerpts from interviews with:

Note about Dr. Bali's transcript:
Unfortunately, the transcript of  Dr. Madan Bali's conversation with Traci M. Childress was unavailable for publication. To find out more about Dr. Bali, please go to

Dr. Madan Bali is founder and director of Yoga Bliss in Montreal, is a Vedanta Scholar and holds a doctorate in complementary medicine. For the past 35 years, he has worked to introduce yoga as an alternate form of therapy and a healing tool by tapping into the body's own wisdom and built-in technology.


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